Webinars & online marketing

As an entrepreneur, freelancer, author, blogger, podcaster, coach, or career professional, if you have been struggling with how to figure out how to get more leads, earn extra income, or if you want to turn your passion into a full time career, then you’re in the right place!

If you haven’t jumped on the webinar bandwagon yet, good news.

It’s not too late.

In fact, more and more individuals and companies are using webinars to market and sell their products, businesses, and services than ever before.

I absolutely love webinars. They are the number one tool that has helped me build highly profitable businesses around my lifestyle.

And they’re not as tricky as you might think. If you’re not using them, you’re definitely missing out on a huge opportunity. Here’s the thing: your customers are craving to connect with you.

Webinars provide the perfect platform to connect with them. You get to share what you know in your own voice, add a ton of value, and have the opportunity make money as an added bonus.

Social media has made it possible to connect with even the biggest companies and brands.

Your audience is starting to expect more individual attention, which opens the door for you to develop a stronger bond with them. Use this open communication to your advantage!

If you’re still resistant to the idea of using webinars as an essential marketing tool, or if you think they’re too tricky and a hassle to figure out, read on.

One of the best parts of my job is getting emails from students who are seeing wild success in their business or life because of something they have learned from my products or podcast.


In fact, I often share the best stories on Facebook
because I think they’re that inspiring.

My Student GRACE

One of my favorite emails I got recently was from my student Grace. She wrote that she had already launched her first online product using a video series as her main sales tool.
And her results had been less than stellar.

Like $1,200 . . .

AND THEN she came across my 7 Figure Webinar course and started using webinars to sell
her product. She wrote, “Once I shifted my strategy to using webinars, we started consistently making $10,000 per month and the numbers are still on the rise. This was a game changer for us.”

She went on to tell me that she started using webinars to sell all of her products, including her less traditional products around hypno coaching.

She said, “Every niche I work in experiences amazing, profitable results and I LOVE conducting the webinars. I feel like a rock star and each webinar is a mini concert.”

Me too Grace. Me too. 🙂

I have been using webinars for the past 5 years as part of my launch strategy for all of my online products.

When you spend so much time working on your services package or your online training program, or even your physical product, you want a lot of people to buy it right away, right?

Webinars Are the Answer

Like Grace, I've tried other methods to sell my products. But let me clue you in on this:

  • Those methods are less effective. Sales pages ...opt in bribes … periscope...posts on social media... guest blogging...they are all a part of it but they don’t work as well.
  • If the only thing you're doing is following up with potential leads via email, chances are low people are going to be opening those emails.
  • You also can't expect your true personality to come through via email.
  • Even if you promote your product with a video series, there is no human interaction! People who are interested in buying what you're selling can’t ask you questions they might have!
This is why I use webinars!

Why Webinars WORK

They are like no other form of marketing. When you host a webinar, it's like being up on stage. When you get people to register and sign up for your webinar, you're the speaker at your own virtual conference.

Webinars are unique!

10 Ways to Use webinars

  • 1. Webinars Work For All Industries

    I’ve coached realtors, online marketers, and companies with physical products that have had success with webinars. My students have businesses selling everything from essential oils to fitness bootcamps to coaching on how to become a powerhouse speaker. If you use webinars as an opportunity to teach valuable information or educate your audience on a topic, they’ll stick around to listen to what you have to share.

  • 2. You Don’t Need a Large Budget

    It doesn’t take a millionaire or a tech genius to run a webinar on a budget or figure out the technical set-up process. By far, the majority of people I teach to use webinars have zero familiarity with the software. Within one or two webinars they are pros.

  • 3. You Become An Authority

    I had zero credibility, testimonials, or social proof when I started marketing over 5 years ago. I started out by offering free webinars where I taught people how to improve their profiles. When you teach your audience something that will help save them time, money, or stress, you’re creating a TON of value.

  • 4. You Don’t Need A Product

    Even if this seems backwards, it’s the best way to get feedback from your customers before you invest the cash in developing a product. If you host a webinar and people are not interested in your product, it’s a good sign that you’re not quite there yet. It’s better to learn what your audience wants and to give it to them rather than to spend all your time and energy creating a product that no one will buy.

  • 5. You Can Work from Anywhere with Webinars

    You don’t have to travel to host webinars. This means that there is unlimited potential for you to spread your reach without a massive price tag. If you’re at home, on the road, working from a hotel (as I have been many times) or even on vacation, you can host a webinar as long as you have wifi and a laptop. This virtual freedom allows you to host webinars at whatever time your audience is available.

  • 6. Webinars are Engage Your Audience’s Attention

    Email marketing and social media are mostly guessing games. You shoot off an email or update a post and hope your audience pays attention. It’s not in your control at all. Especially as filters and feed algorithms constantly change. Webinars are the opposite. You have the committed attention of your audience as they watch you in real time explain and share your ideas.

  • 7. Your Email List Size Doesn’t Matter

    With webinars, the size of your email marketing list doesn’t matter. If you have just a handful of attendees who are genuinely interested in your offering, you can hit a home run with them.The power of webinars is that they scale for massive audiences as well as create the intimacy to connect with small ones.

  • 8. You Can Find Your Perfect Customer

    It’s easy to find your perfect customer online by tailoring your graphics and copy on your webinar ad to exactly the person you want to buy from you. As you see which ones are getting the best response, you continue to fine-tune and test those ads until you are pulling in exactly the right audience to your webinar. I do this all the time as my audience shifts and grows.

  • 9. You Get Real Time Feedback

    With webinars, you don’t have to physically be in the same place as your audience, but you still get immediate feedback from them. The comments box allows you to see people’s reactions to points you make, questions you ask, and ideas you present. Silence is as important of feedback as 50 “yes” responses. You interact with your audience via questions, polls, unmuting guests to speak with you for certain portions, and using your webcam,.

  • 10. You can sell EVEN after the webinar

    The power of a webinar doesn’t end when the live presentation does. Automated email follow-ups are proven to bring in large percentages of customers who need a little extra coaxing (or missed the live presentation).

    I’ve doubled my sales on many webinars just through my follow-up email series. For those customers who aren’t ready to purchase at the end of the webinar (or who had to leave early), the easy follow up email process is perfect for getting their sales as well. A little follow-up goes a long way to remind people of the value you presented and gives them an easy link to click to buy.

My Digital Training Course

for Growing Your Business with Webinars

You'll receive my complete training package including Fundamental Webinar Modules (video and audio downloads available), step-by-step interactive homework, and bonus material to take your business and life to the next level using live online events!

What's Inside The Course?

The Fundamental Webinar Modules

Trainings Inside My 7 Figure Webinar Course

MODULE 1 Defining Your Purpose Learn how to:

  • Set your financial goals for your webinar
  • Identify what to sell on your live training
  • Communicate your product or service to your audience
  • Find your perfect customer

MODULE 2 Vital Set-Up Process Learn how to:

  • Set up the technical side of the #1 webinar software we recommend
  • Create a high converting title of your webinar
  • Set up your webinar description and branding
  • Create your confirmation emails for registrants

MODULE 3 Dynamic Webinar Marketing System Learn how to:

  • Get thousands of attendees on live!
  • Create your powerful webinar email marketing campaign
  • Schedule your webinar for time slots and dates that work!

MODULE 4 Effective 7 Figure Webinar Formula Learn how to:

  • Create your webinar presentation outline
  • Create all of your sales webinar content

MODULE 5 The Double Down Follow-Up Process Learn how to:

  • Create a follow up strategy that turns non-buyers into customers


Bootcamp Training

You’ll get my training on how to sell a product before you create it!

Swipe Copy

You’ll get my 7 Figure Launch template with proven swipe copy that works!

Perfect Webinar Template

Use my 7 Figure Webinar Slide template to create the perfect webinar slide outline for any product or service

Facebook Ads Training

Start utilizing the power of facebook ads to attract more customers. I’ll take you step-by-step on how to create low cost facebook ads.

Leveraging Linkedin Training

Use Linkedin to grow your network and create opportunities for other people to promote your product or service via webinars.

Periscope Training

Leverage periscope to get more attendees on your webinar - learn how to do it!

Evergreen (Automated Webinar) Training

The step-by-step process of automating your webinar training so you can make money literally while you sleep


I launched an eCourse 2 weeks ago that brought in $14K revenue. I signed up and decided to do a webinar on Thursday. I brought in another $4,000 during the webinar and so far, I've brought in an additional $3,000 post-webinar.
The best part about this is that I rushed through his training, threw my webinar together and I KNOW I made lots of mistakes, but I STILL sold another $7,000 (so far) because of that webinar.
I am already STRONGLY recommending his program to my mastermind cohorts.


I did my first webinar today after taking the course last week. I have a list of a little over 1,300.
  • - 80 Registrations
  • - 51 Attendees
  • - 6 Sales
  • - I made $2,184!

Super excited about my results!


On September 1, I had a webinar. I advertised at a bare minimum on FB and shared the webinar details with my 645 member list and my social media contacts.
20 people attended. 10 of them bought my product for $1,000 each - I made $10,000 from 1 webinar.

Thank you Lewis, I was able to do all this because of what you taught in your course.