Masterclass Replay: How to Grow Your Business with Webinars
Save $500 and Get Four Bonuses When You Join the #1 Program to Grow Your Business with Webinars
by Lewis Howes, who is regularly featured in...
Students from all over are signing onto packed webinars each week, teaching what they love, and closing tons of new business...

Students like Joshua Smith...

Who is hosting webinars from his home in Arizona training real estate agents on how to close more transactions, who just generated $43k in one day from webinars.

Or like Alysa Rushton...

Who is a women's transformation coach who hosted her last webinar from her hotel room in Hawaii and generated $17k (and another $35k on the one prior).
Alyssa Rushton

Or even Trevor Turnbull...

Who educates his audience on how to use LinkedIn, and recently hosted a webinar from his home in Vancouver which generated $60k in sales.
Now you can too with 7 Figure Webinars...
This is the ultimate program to help you learn how to structure a webinar that converts, how to get attendees to your webinar, how to setup the technology, how to close sales, how to double your sales with a replay, and so much more.

I guarantee you are going to love this program.

But, don't take it from me...
Don't Take it From Me, Listen to What My Students Have to Say...
"I started doing webinars a little over a year ago when I met Lewis. Had no idea what to do. In my first 30 days in my first launch I did $104,000 in revenue. In the first 12 months, I did $1.3 million dollars in revenue. Just recently had my first $43k day. Those are the results that you can get from this program if you go out there and model if you do what Lewis teaches you."
Joshua Smith
Owner at Revisto Real Estate
"I just want to thank you so much for everything I’ve learned from you. The other day, I made $10,000 from ONE webinar! I was selling a coaching product for $999 and 10 people bought it. This is going to be a HUGE part of my business going forward."
Brandon Carter
YouTube Fitness Trainer
"I did what you taught me which was to put on a webinar and promote the course first before I even made it. So I put on a webinar, and I had about over 30 acupuncturists sign up for the course before I even made the course."
Alyssa Dazet
Founder of 6 Figure Accupuncturist
" a $1,000+ price point, I was really struggling getting people in the door. I knew that webinars was my answer, but I didn't have a clue as to where to start. I invested in myself, spent 6 months under the master brain of Lewis Howes creating an amazing webinar...converting an incredible amount of people into Podcasters Paradise which now has over 2,200 members and has generated over 2.3 million dollars since we started...less than a year and a half ago."
John Lee Dumas
Founder and Host of Entrepreneur On Fire
"From a money perspective, I went from making $2,500 to over $34k in just two webinars. But my biggest breakthrough was really getting super clear on my offer and making it irresistible and then doing a webinar around that offer."
Alysa Rushton
Womens Empowerment and Speaking Coach
" the last year our sales volume has been over $200,000 and I directly attest to about 60-65% of that being right directly on webinars, and probably another 20-30% as a result of webinars. ...we're building our email list as we go. I've learned so much from him (Lewis) ... when it comes to creating all the aspects of a really well structured and converting webinar."
Trevor Turnbull
CEO of Linked Into Leads
Enroll Now and Get Instant Access to 7 Figure Webinars
7 Figure Webinars is Just 4 Monthly Installments of $297 (normally $422)
That means you instantly unlock the entire program and over $4,000 in bonuses with your first payment of $297 (then just three additional monthly installments)
 Instant Access to 7-Figure Webinars Course ($1,497 value)
Action Guides for Each Module ($199 value)
Advanced Traffic and Automation Trainings ($598 value)
Private Webinar Mastermind Community ($500 value)
Bonus: Perfect Webinar Slides Template ($2,000 value)
Bonus: High Converting Webinar Archives ($2,000 value)
Bonus: Lifetime GoToWebinar Discount (priceless)
Bonus: Webinar Conversion Calculator ($299 value)
A Total Value of $7,093
I've Even Been Privileged to Teach Webinars to the Top Online Experts
John Lee Dumas
Author of the Gratitude Journal and Founder of the #1 iTunes Podcast Entrepreneur On Fire
“When Lewis accepted me into his mentor program, I was monetizing to the tune of about $15K a month. 

Lewis asked me what my 2014 goal was and I said $500K. He laughed and said I would hit that number in 6 months. He was wrong. 

At the 6th month mark I had generated $808K.

All I can say is WOW.”
“Lewis taught me pretty much everything I know about webinars. 

I have over 1,100 members in my online video training membership site and they all came from webinars. 

It comes to about $50K a month for the past year or two just with webinars.”
James Wedmore
#1 Authority in the World on Video Marketing and Founder of Reel Marketing Insider
Amy Porterfield
Author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies and Elite Online Business Coach
“In just a few short years, my webinar strategies have generated over a million dollars in revenue and it’s only getting better! 

My email list has grown from 600 to over 80,000. 

I am very grateful for the lessons I learned from Lewis when I was just starting out.”
“Lewis Howes was my very first mentor when it came to creating and selling via webinars. 

With his advice and tips jump starting me...

I’ve sold over $750,000 worth of my products and programs via webinars (and that number continues to grow and grow).”
David Siteman Garland
Founder of The Rise to the Top and Leading Expert on Digital Course Creation
I'm Excited to Introduce to You to
7 Figure Webinars
7 Figure Webinars is my proven step-by-step system to plan, create, and deliver webinars that attract your perfect prospect and convert sales.

This is a complete online training system that teaches you step-by-step how to overcome your limiting beliefs to have success with webinars.
Here's everything that the program includes...
Module One:
Defining Your Purpose with Webinars
This first core unit is all about defining what your webinar is going to be, what you’re going to create, what you’re going to offer people on your webinar. You’ll get clarity around the what exactly it is that you’re offering on your webinar (which will come in handy later on when you’re setting up your slide template). You’ll really start to define the purpose of your webinar.
  • The 7-figure webinar process and why webinars convert better than sales pages
  • Setting realistic goals and how to make $10,000 with your first webinar
  • What items sell best on webinars and understanding the optimal price points
  • How to discover exactly what your audience wants and offer it to them
  • How to structure a bootcamp and launch it by pre-selling on your webinar
Once you have the direction, you will move into the setup...
Module Two:
How to Properly Setup Your Webinars
This second core unit is all about how to properly set up your webinar (we’ll make the technical stuff easy). So many people make mistakes in their webinar set-up and it costs them a LOT down the road. I’ll walk you through the optimal software I recommend using and the exact settings you need to activate for a successful webinar. We’ll also talk about email reminders and the registration reminder process (and why that’s so important).
  • How to set up your webinar and what software to use (and other tools needed)
  • How to think like your customer and what keeps them up at night
  • How to maximize signups and “seed the sale” before the webinar even begins
  • Picking the optimal time and best practices to get people to show up live
From here, you move into getting people to attend your webinars...
Module Three:
Your Dynamic Webinar Marketing System
This third core unit is all about promoting and marketing your webinar to get your ideal customers signed up and registered. Even more importantly, you’ll learn how to get them to show up to fill your seats! Discover free and paid ways to get more attendees on LIVE. We’ll also go over the price point psychology of webinars.
  • Strategies to get thousands of people attending your webinars
  • How to leverage email marketing and social media to get attendees
  • How many days in advance to start promoting and what NOT to say
  • The psychology of pricing your products to sell on webinars
Now we move on to making your webinar convert...
Module Four:
7-Steps to Crafting a Webinar that Converts
This fourth core unit is the in-depth look at the 7 Step Selling Sequence Webinar Formula and how to craft an offer that converts. We break down the 7 Step formula in detail so you can master your webinar and deliver it with ease. Here’s where you’ll learn how to craft your presentation for optimal results. You’ll learn how to sell unapologetically.
  • How to craft your presentation to convert sales (7 step selling sequence)
  • How to close sales without hard selling or coming off salesy
  • Creating a strong hook for your offer
  • How to engage your audience live
  • How to create a compelling slide deck and engage your audience
Once you have a webinar that converts, increase that through great follow up...
Module Five:
Double Your Sales with Great Follow-Up
In this unit, learn how to double your sales with great follow up messaging. So many people host a webinar on live, and then STOP. But do you realize there are so many people who are still interested that haven’t bought yet? Learn the art of great follow up emails and how to convert your leads into buyers even AFTER your webinar. People don’t always buy right away because they’re afraid to take action, and you get to follow up with them.
  • The three groups you must segment and why you follow up with them differently
  • The 5 options you have for promotional follow up emails
  • The best times to follow up and what to say to maximize post webinar sales
But it gets even better with my advanced training...
Advanced Module:
Get Attendees with Facebook and LinkedIn
Getting traffic can be one of the most challenging things for many people. Which is why I've put together an advanced training on getting traffic from Facebook and from LinkedIn. These are two very successful sources of traffic for me and I want to show you exactly how I am using them.
  • How to use Facebook to run paid advertising to fill your webinar
  • Free way to get in front of 100,000 people in your niche on LinkedIn
  • How I used this to generate 8,000 registrations and over $150K in sales WITHOUT touching my email list
And if you want to leverage your time and scale, this next module is for you...
Advanced Module:
Automate Your Webinar Process
Would you like to run webinars on autopilot so they can generate sales while you sleep or when you cannot do live webinars? Admittedly, I've found more often than not that live webinars convert higher than automated ones. And you should only automate when you are converting well live. You should never try to pull a fast one on your audience that a presentation is live when it really isn't. Most of my webinars now are live. However, I have put together this training to show you exactly what you need to do to have success with the automation process (which has been very profitable for me as well).
  • How to go about automating your webinar process
  • Walkthrough of the tools you will need to do this
  • The top five qualities of a high converting webinar registration page
  • How to drive leads to your landing page to convert webinar sales
This is the complete package for learning webinars...
Advanced Module:
Automate Your Webinar Process
Would you like to run webinars on autopilot so they can generate sales while you sleep or when you cannot do live webinars? I've found that more cases than not, live webinars convert higher than automated ones. And you should only automate when you are converting well live. But, you should never try to pull a fast one on your audience that it is live when it really isn't. Most of my webinars now are live. However, I have put together this training to show you exactly what you need to do to have success with the automation process.
  • How to go about automating your webinar process
  • Walkthrough of the tools you will need to do this
  • The top five qualities of a high converting webinar registration page
  • How to drive leads to your landing page to convert webinar sales
This is the complete package for learning webinars...
Here's How the Program Works...
When you enroll, you'll be emailed access to your members area where you can instantly access all of the training...
And you'll get to watch over my shoulder as I teach you how to get results with webinars...
Each module is comprised of short video and screencast lessons so you can watch as I go through each module with you.

You even get access to my pre-written emails  so there is no guesswork here. This leaves you confident knowing exactly what to say for your webinars.
With action guides to accompany the training...
All of the modules are accompanied by homework (which we reference as action guides) that you can fill in as you go along.

These downloadable PDF's help you get the ideas out of your head and turn them into an actionable webinar plan.
Everything 100% digital & accessible from any device...
Login to access the course from any device and any location.

You also get free product updates.

There is no expiration to the product, so take the training at your own pace.
And you'll be supported through the whole process...
One of the most amazing assets that you unlock with this program is the diverse community of students spanning across all industries.

If you ever run into a snag or need help if you get stuck, you can reach out to students who have taken this path before you.
Not only can you get help, but you get to celebrate your successes and get feedback from my team and the community when you need it.

Here's what the conversation looks like in the group...
You have people who are making 7 figures from webinars, all the way down to the brand new beginners in this group. And you get to tap into this collective experience.
What Else Would You Need?
Available for a LIMITED TIME, I've added some unique bonuses that will help you create webinar results faster
You'll receive my complete training package including fundamental webinar modules (video and audio downloads available), step-by-step interactive homework, and bonus material to take your business and life to the next level using live online events!
Here's the bonuses you get when you enroll today...
Bonus One:
Perfect Webinar Slide Deck Template
How would you like to take my webinar template that has generated millions in sales for my own business and plug your content right in for the perfect webinar?

Creating a webinar that converts is not guesswork, it's a formula. And if you follow it, it works to close sales. Which is why I am giving my template away...
I've spent years developing and refining my signature webinar. It's the base template I use for every product I launch. And to create something similar, it will cost you thousands of dollars in hiring copywriters and designers.

You will also receive a 48-minute video walk through of the template explaining the psychology behind many of the elements so that you don't just understand the what but also the why behind everything to further improve your webinar game.

The slide deck is built in Google Slides, so there is NO software to download and you can access it over the web from any device.
Easily Worth Over $2,000!!!
Bonus Two:
My Webinar "Gamefilm" Archives
Back when I played professional football, to prepare for a game we would watch game film. We would study ourselves and study our opponents. Being able to notice the little details, I was able to heavily refine my mechanics.

It's a huge reason why I was able to set a world record for receiving yards. ;-)

So I am releasing to you my archives. You are going to get the recording of my most successful webinars to study my presentation techniques and webinar strategy.
One webinar included in the archives is a webinar I hosted with Grant Cardone. He invited me to speak to teach his audience of sales professionals about webinars. This webinar alone closed over $50,000 in sales.

You will get a copy of this recording along with other recordings in my archives to watch as many times as you please to up your webinar game.
Easily Worth Over $2,000!!!
Bonus Three:
Lifetime Discount on #1 Webinar Technology
GoToWebinar is the most advanced and reliable webinar platform on the market today. I've been using their technology since I began with webinars several years ago and it just gets better and better.
You are free to use any webinar platform you choose, but this is my first choice for platforms. And if you decide to use it as well, I've arranged for you to receive a 30% lifetime discount on any plan that you choose.
Huge Lifetime Savings!
(Value Depends on Plan)

Bonus Four:
The Webinar Conversion Calculator
Do you want to know what your webinar should be converting at?

We've built a webinar conversion calculator that will help you plan and predict your webinar results. Just plug in your current or estimated numbers and let the calculator do the work. Compare yourself to the benchmarks we set based on your experience level.
Easily Worth Over $299!!!
Take the Course 100% Risk Free
I've got your back and the guarantee to prove it...
Complete the entire 7 Figure Webinar course and launch your webinar. If you are not able to create results from what I teach, I want to give you your money back.

Here's why I do this...
I've been teaching online marketing strategies for over 7 years and I have refined and tested this process with thousands of entrepreneurs in almost every imaginable market.

What I teach works if you go through and take massive action.

But you and I both know that if you purchase without intending to commit 100% to the material, your results will suffer.

And in that case, I do not want you to purchase the course. Save your money and look elsewhere for a program to help you.
This community is full of people who take massive action and that is why we get such great results.

Which is why I want to back this with my word that I will give you your money back if this program happens not to work for you.

If you’re unsatisfied, just email us your results with proof that you've completed the coursework. If we cannot help you, we’ll gladly give you a prompt refund of 100% of your investment.
Enroll Now and Get Instant Access to 7 Figure Webinars
7 Figure Webinars is Just 4 Monthly Installments of $297 (Normally $422)
That means you instantly unlock the entire program and over $4,000 in bonuses with your first payment of $297 (then just three additional monthly installments)
 Instant Access to 7-Figure Webinars Course ($1,497 value)
Action Guides for Each Module ($199 value)
Advanced Traffic and Automation Trainings ($598 value)
Private Webinar Mastermind Community ($500 value)
Bonus: Perfect Webinar Slides Template ($2,000 value)
Bonus: High Converting Webinar Archives ($2,000 value)
Bonus: Lifetime GoToWebinar Discount (priceless)
Bonus: Webinar Conversion Calculator ($299 value)
A Total Value of $7,093
Brandon Carter
YouTube Fitness Star with Over 80 Million Views 
"I just want to thank you so much for everything I’ve learned from you. The other day, I made $10,000 from ONE webinar! I was selling a coaching product for $999 and 10 people bought it. This is going to be a HUGE part of my business going forward.
"I've learned everything I know about creating webinars that convert from Lewis. In the past 6 months alone I've generated over $200,000 in sales from webinars with my biggest one to date being $60,000 from one webinar!"
Trevor Turnbull
Founder of Linked Into Leads and The 30 Day Sales Machine
Webinars Are Working Extremely Well In Every Imaginable Industry
I've taught thousands of students over the years from all industries how to lead profitable webinars...
Like Alex S. from Hong Kong who is using webinars to teach English as a second language to professionals all over the world.

Or Michelle D. who is using webinars to help her audience find clarity and ease through breathing techniques.

Or Srinivas P. who is a small business tax accountant using webinars to grow his practice.

All the way down to the most obscure niches like Steven S. from Tennessee who is a equipment reliability consultant to manufacturing companies who hosts webinars about preventing failure of their machines.

To give you an idea, I've had students in many professions have success with webinars...
Brick and Mortar
Corporate IT
Event Hosts
Financial Advisors
Network Marketers
Personal Trainers

Local Businesses
Sales Professionals
Software Developers
Super Affiliates
And these are just the few I can think of off the top of my head.

At the risk of sounding a little off-putting...

I've yet to come across a niche thus far that webinars DON'T work for.

Webinars are not dependent on your niche but rather on whether you fall into one of the following three categories.
If you fall in one of these three groups, keep reading as webinars can work extremely well for you...
You are
an expert

You've established your authority in your niche. That might be through blogging, podcasting, video marketing, mainstream media, speaking, coaching, consulting, authoring books, or other channels. The key is that you have some sort of knowledge or solution to solve a problem that your audience is facing.
You've built a platform with reach. It could be an email list, social media, a YouTube following, a local network, in person events, etc. What matters is that you have the ability to reach people directly OR have access the networks created by others who are are looking for new ways to serve that audience.
You have an audience
You're growing
a business
You own a business or are in charge of sales. You are past the idea phase and have established products or services. Or are looking for ways to test new ideas. You've tried selling through various channels and are looking to sell more efficiently on a one-to-many model. You want to add fuel to the fire to scale this thing.
If you happen to be an expert...
You are extremely well positioned to use webinars.

Many experts rely on referrals or sell their offers on a one-to-one basis.

Take for example Grace Smith from Los Angeles, who is in the self-hypnosis business and helps people recondition their mind in every area of their life...
Before webinars, she also was relying upon referrals for sales.

She also tried using a video series, spending tons of time making all of the videos. In her words, the results were "dismal." The product launch netted $1,200 in sales.

Once she shifted her strategy to webinars, she consistently started making $10,000 per month (and growing) by landing new high ticket clients.

She is no longer at the mercy of only bringing in new clients from referrals from her network. Now she is working in multiple niches and is able to capitalize from webinars each time (and having fun doing it.)

Her main source of traffic to her webinars is from Periscope. Her followers tune in for a daily meditation.

As an expert, you can model what Grace has done and market a free class that solves a problem of your audience.
There are two keys to success with this approach...
Key #1: Many experts try to go way too wide and attract as many people as possible. What you want to do instead is be as ultra specific as possible about the problem you are helping solve.

Key #2: Your webinar should be designed to give them results in advance. At the end of the presentation, you will have an offer to continue the journey with you and further solve their problem.

What's great about this model is that you get free exposure while you grow your business.

People start seeing you everywhere, and because you are the one teaching on webinars, you are also going to be the one on the top of people's mind when looking for an expert.
If you have an existing audience...
You avoid one of the biggest problems business owners face...


Even if it is a small 100 person email list you are sporting.

Where I see most people in your position go wrong is that they spend a massive amount of time building products and offers that no one ends up being interested in.

So what do most people do?

They ask their audience what they DO want to buy. You and I both know that people say one thing, but when it comes down to pulling out their credit card, they may do another. Right?

This is why webinars give you an huge advantage.

You don't need a perfect sales funnel.

Rather than spending the time creating the product, you spend the time crafting your offer and pre-selling it through webinars. If enough people purchase, then you clearly have a winner.

Just like how Brandon Carter from Chicago did...
This Fitness Trainer Sold $10,000 of Coaching on One Webinar
Here's how he did it...

With 595,000 YouTube subscribers, you might think it would be easy to sell to this audience.

He was doing well selling supplements and workout plans, but couldn't figure out how to sell his coaching program.
He followed my advice and put up a registration page, made a slide deck, an order page, and hosted his webinar.

1,503 people registered for this webinar and he sold 10 people at $1,000 into a 5-week "How to Grow a Fitness Business" boot camp.

If you have an audience, you can easily adopt this model and deliver your boot camp over the course of a few weeks live.

You could also record your webinar boot camp and turn it into a product to sell for years to come.
If you are growing or scaling your business...
Scalability of your offers might be a challenge for you.

You've been bombarded by so called experts telling you to build out complicated marketing funnels, offers, and lead magnets, not knowing if they will convert.

You can choose to follow that advice or take the route my students and I take...

Stay lean and teach a free class that solves a problem; then make an offer to further solve that problem.

-- You don't need to hire anyone
-- You don't need to be a copywriter
-- You don't need to be a conversion specialist

Alicia Dunams is a perfect example of this...

She's the CEO of a company that hosts live workshops in Los Angeles that teaches aspiring authors how to create a best selling book in one weekend.

She wanted to generate more online sales and streamline her business but was challenged by the costs and time needed to host the live events.

With my advice she decided sell a virtual version of her program and launch it on a webinar...
Alicia pushed a webinar out to her list for the next day and remarkably generated $21,851 in revenue for her workshop from one webinar.

She was able to use webinars to sell a brand new virtual version of her product, the original live version, and new products she has launched under her "In a Weekend" brand.
You can scale a business in multiple ways with webinars
Not only is she doing webinars to her own audience, but Alicia is even partnering up with other business owners and doing webinars to their list and giving them a percentage of the sales.

I regularly have 2,000 people a week register for my live webinars.

Imagine if you could have this many people seeing your offer and experiencing the free training you provide.

What would the impact be on your business?
How much would you be pushing to scale?
Would you replicate this for new webinars?

Of course not all 2,000 will be people who are ready to buy, but once they're on my list, I can invite them to future webinars or try a different approach.
You Know Webinars Are Good, So What's Holding You Back?
I'm sure you have considered webinars in your business.

But, for one reason or another, you haven't gotten started or you are not having the success you would like to see with your webinars.

What I've learned is that there are a few big reasons people get stuck with webinars. Many of these are valid reasons but also common misconceptions.
Reason #1: You are worried your presenting and/or technology skills are not up to par
If you are a technophobe or are far from being Toastmasters champion, I feel your pain.

I used to avoid both like the plague.

I'll address the live presenting aspect by telling you about one of my long time students...

Gregory (name changed for privacy), would be a nervous wreck anytime he was near a stage. His first webinar he was incredibly nervous, but as soon as he settled in he realized there was nothing to fear.

It's not like he was staring hundreds of people in the face.

He just talked into the computer about what he knew best and followed my presentation flow.

And get this -- he felt so comfortable doing webinars that he kept doing them consistently and generated over one million dollars in sales in 2.5 years.

If your nerves are anything like Gregory's, remember that you cannot see the audience!

Stop thinking about you and start thinking about solving their problem. When you make this shift, everything changes.

If you are a total technophobe like I was, do not worry.

The technology takes minutes to learn and you can launch a webinar in just a few clicks.
Reason #2: You don't know what to teach or sell on your webinar
Let me start this by saying you DO know what to teach.

You have some sort of expertise; what you need to examine is what the biggest problems are that your market is facing.

Once you identify one of these problems, you can structure a webinar around it.

Remember: it's okay to test your idea. You could try one topic and it could totally bomb.

This happened to one of my students, Shannan Monson, who is a nutritionist from Augusta, Georgia.

Her biggest challenge with webinars was crafting the right offer for her audience. She went through multiple webinars of barely selling her nutrition coaching programs, only to realize that most of her audience were actually other nutritionists and health professionals -- not people looking to buy nutrition classes.

This was a huge breakthrough because she was able to listen to her audience and learn that what they really wanted from her was to learn about visual branding and how to create beautiful content.

After making this pivot, she hosted a webinar and for the first time sold 8 spots of her $199 Instagram for Photography Bootcamp, making her $1,592.

Then she launched again and raised her price to $699 and generated another $2,796 in sales.

Listening is a powerful thing, isn't it? ;-)
Reason #3: You don't know where to draw the line between free webinar content and paid content
Some believe that by giving their best ideas away for free, people won't buy from them.

I believe it is a way for you to show the world your expertise.

But you don't want to give away the farm -- the farm is too much for people to handle.

Think about that problem people are challenged with. Give them a few pieces of the puzzle that moves them closer to closing the gap they are struggling with.

You don't have to hide the fact that you are going to make an offer (sometimes I say it right up front).

The idea is to wow them with so much value that they WANT to hear about your offer that will speed up the process in getting their desired result.

Here's an example...

Let's say you are a fitness coach who sells a subscription for daily video workouts for stay-at-home moms in the United Stated in warm climates (for year round outdoor workouts). You can do that with webinars.

Your webinar could be titled:

"LIVE WEBINAR: How to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life -- Even While Watching Your Kids and Without Paying for a Gym Membership"

Can you see how this could speak directly to that audience?

In the webinar, you can give your top 10 outdoor workout ideas and share why most people fail in staying consistent in a workout routine and the cost that it directly has on their health and family.

When you are making your offer, you show them how this can be a solution to their bigger problem.

They could do it on their own with the free information you gave them (risking losing motivation and hitting roadblocks),
they can follow your plan and workouts each day to ensure accountability, simplicity, and something that works for their specific situation.
Reason #4: You don't know how to get people to attend your webinars
I'll be frank with you right up front...

If traffic is an issue for you, that is the EXACT reason why you need to be doing webinars.

Clearly your value in the marketplace is not being recognized.

The good news is that you can change this.

And it doesn't require a ton of traffic to have success with webinars.

(You'll see some students in a minute who have created success with tiny networks.)

Some come in and have hundreds attending right away. Others will have slow growth (like it was for me where my audience size grew slowly as I got more comfortable.)

When you make it a consistent part of your business practice, your conversion numbers will significantly improve and your audience size will grow.

But getting people to attend your webinars is easier than you think.

Take a look at this traffic report from one of my previous webinars...

(Ignore the typos -- it's for internal use)
Without comparing yourself to me, what I want you to notice is the diversity of traffic sources.

Look at the resources you have at your disposal.

The top ways I get webinar attendees is through email marketing, joint venture partnerships, Facebook ads, Facebook groups, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook live, Periscope, Twitter, Facebook organic posts, YouTube ads, live speaking engagements, and more.

You might even have ways to get people on that I haven't thought of.

What is important is that you don't put all your eggs in one basket. Try to get as much free traffic as possible while you prove your webinar concept.

Of course you could skip all this and go directly into paid traffic (which I'll show you how to do in a moment).

Facebook ads are my number one traffic source for new webinar leads.

When you put together your webinar the way I teach you, you can invest in advertising intelligently to consistently bring in targeted attendees.

Meaning for every $1 that you spend on ads, you can sometimes get $2, $3, or $5+ in return from the sales you generate.

Whether you have a network or not, a webinar offer that converts allows you to buy traffic like rocket fuel for your business.

It's what all the top marketers are doing but not telling you about.
Reason #5: You really just don't know where to begin
You begin by taking action on one of two paths...

Path #1: You try to figure out webinars on your own

When I began with webinars, there was no one around really teaching it. It took years of trial and error. Years of testing. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent it design, development, education, support, and advertising.

That's a path many struggling marketers take.

The "I want to do it on my own" approach.

They feel that the struggle is necessary in order to succeed.

And that is cool if you are that type of person. You can attend webinar after webinar and study from afar what people are doing.

But a word of caution with this approach.

Don't blindly copy the marketing efforts of others.

I see people all the time swiping my emails, my slide decks, etc., and then they launch and wonder why it is a huge failure.

Because that person is not taking the time to understand the logic behind the marketing.

Path #2: You find mentors to learn from

This is what smart marketers do.

They know that time is of the essence and they don't waste time getting ready to get ready.

They realize that they cannot avoid failure, but they do have the ability to choose to educate themselves to speed up the journey.

They understand that money loves speed...

...And they know that not being in the game comes at a huge cost to them with the opportunity they would be letting pass them by being on the sidelines.

If you are heading down path #1...

I hope this has been valuable for you and opened your mind to new ideas of what is possible for you in your business.

If you are heading down path #2...

I want to show you how you can get in the fast lane for success with your webinars.

I've taught many how to get started with webinars from every experience level. From every level in business. From a variety of markets.

I've taught everyone from brand new entrepreneurs to big organizations like the holistic health school Institute of Integrative Nutrition how to create their high converting webinars.

I invite you to join me and take the next step -- put webinars to work in your business.
Enroll Now and Get Instant Access to 7 Figure Webinars
7 Figure Webinars is Just 4 Monthly Installments of $297 (Normally $422)
That means you instantly unlock the entire program and over $4,000 in bonuses with your first payment of $297 (then just three additional monthly installments)
 Instant Access to 7-Figure Webinars Course ($1,497 value)
Action Guides for Each Module ($199 value)
Advanced Traffic and Automation Trainings ($598 value)
Private Webinar Mastermind Community ($500 value)
Bonus: Perfect Webinar Slides Template ($2,000 value)
Bonus: High Converting Webinar Archives ($2,000 value)
Bonus: Lifetime GoToWebinar Discount (priceless)
Bonus: Webinar Conversion Calculator ($299 value)
A Total Value of $7,093
Who This is For (and Who it's Not)
I've been doing this for a long time. I've seem many people come through my programs.

I will tell you straight up that there are people who have made one million dollars from this program.

Take Joshua Smith for example who teaches real estate agents how to close sales...
Joshua Smith
“I bought Lewis Howes’s program a year ago... It has been massive for me. I just finished my 1st year of webinars and did $1.3 million in revenue in my first 12 months … And it keeps getting better each month.”
But there are two things to keep in mind...

Joshua did not make a million dollars overnight. And if you are coming here believing that you can do these numbers without hard work and effort, please do not enroll.

Anyone thinking they can do those kind of numbers in a short window already has a very successful business.

The second thing to keep in mind is that he applied himself over and over. These results came over the course of a year. And I want you to have the proper expectations in place.

Your webinar results depend on your ability to consistently carry out the plan.

Is there any reason that you should not join this program? YES!

-- If you think you can make a million dollars overnight ... this program is not for you.
-- If you already think you know it all and you could teach this course ... this program is not for you.
-- If you're the juggler of many things and you are constantly chasing something new ... this is not for you.
-- If you're always taking and not willing to give back to the people in the community ... this is not for you.
-- If you've been struggling in business for years and stay close-minded on new ideas ... this is not for you.

So before you make a decision, ask yourself...

"Am I an action taker?"

If you answer a resounding "YES!" to that question, you will be a perfect fit for 7 Figure Webinars.

-- This is for you if you want to launch your products online
-- This is for you if you want to build a large following by giving away free content
-- This is for you if you want to refine your presenting skills and become masterful at selling
-- This is for you if you want to better understand the needs and desires of your audience
-- This is for you if you want to leverage your time reaching many people at once

Yes it might be scary for you. Yes you will have to get out of your comfort zone.

But I am here to help you get results.

Like Christina, who helps people in the real estate business get leads...
“I signed up for Lewis's ‘7-Figure Webinars’ last week and decided to do a webinar on Thursday.

I brought in $4,000 during the webinar and so far, I've brought in an additional $3,000 post-webinar.

The best part about this is that I rushed through his training, threw my webinar together and I KNOW I made lots of mistakes, but I STILL sold another $7,000 (so far) because of that webinar.
Christina Ethridge
I love this.

Like Christina said, she made mistakes but still made it work.

And one thing I can promise you is that your webinars will never be perfect.

If you are a perfectionist, you must be willing to let that go.

You will mess up. You will have technical difficulties. You will fumble over your words.

But that is the fun of it all. Webinars are exciting. They are unpredictable.

Getting things done will always be better than the constant and frustrating pursuit of perfection.

These "mistakes" are not failures. They are wins. And they are moving your closer to your goal.

There will always be something to improve.

You just need to decide that enough is enough and that you can improve as you go.
Ready to take massive action in your business?
Real First Webinar Results...
All it takes is one webinar.

One webinar can be the tipping point for you in your business.

Students from around the globe just like you have enrolled in 7 Figure Webinars from many industries and sent in their results from their first webinar.

Do it once. Improve the process. Replicate.
Sherri Starr
Holistic Health Coach
San Marcos, California
First Webinar Results
100 person email list
38 people registered
20 people attended
9 people purchased
$1,611 in sales
“I made back my investment in this program with only ONE webinar!”
Srinivas Pabbaraju
Certified Public Accountant
Calgary, Alberta
First Webinar Results
645 person email list
20 people attended
10 people purchased
$10,000 in sales
“Thank you Lewis, I was able to do all this because of what you taught in your course.”
Robyn Sharp
Insurance Marketing Consultant
Hot Springs, Arkansas
First Webinar Results
1,300 person email list
80 people registered
51 people attended
6 people purchased
$2,184 in sales
“I did my first webinar today after taking the course last week.”
Michelle D'Avella
Breathwork Facilitator 
Los Angeles, California
First Webinar Results
1,600 person email list
150 people registered
20 people attended
7 people purchased
$1,400 in sales
“’s really exciting to see that I paid for the course with my first webinar”
Or maybe you are already running webinars and want to improve your results like Alysa...
Alysa Rushton is a women's transformation coach.

She did a webinar back in 2014 to sell her product and made a total of $2,500.

Unsatisfied with these results, she quit doing webinars and decided to go in a different direction.

That was until she came across 7 Figure Webinars.

After going through the training, she noticed some things she could improve upon. Her biggest takeaway from the program was "getting super clear on my offer and making it irresistible."

She decided to give it another go...
In February of 2016, she used what she learned and netted $17,000 in sales of her program!

Knowing that consistency is very important with webinars, Alysa then decided to try to improve her results with another webinar.

In July 2016, she hosted another webinar which generated $34,000 in sales, which is a 1,260% increase over her first webinar.
How many sales would you have to make to double your investment in this education?
What Would Business Be Like if YOU Were Running Profitable Webinars?
Let's look at a cost versus an investment in your business
What is your time worth?

Do you feel like you are wasting your time?

Most people are. They're stuck in a one-to-one sales model instead of a one-to-many model. This means they have inefficient processes.

Webinars are your way out.

They give you the time freedom so that you can make a bigger impact with your message. You could try other marketing tactics like a video series, but you'll miss out on the magic of live interaction.

Webinars give you your time back AND audience and sales growth in hyper speed.

What is your location independence worth?

Does your business allow you to work and generate sales from wherever?

Mine did. But I still found myself stuck behind a computer screen because I was stressed out trying to generate sales.

We build businesses to help people and to create freedom for ourselves and loved ones.

Why can't we have a lifestyle that lets us keep running our business and staying profitable even if we take a trip abroad? As long as you have a great internet connection, you can grow your business with webinars.

What is a new customer or client worth to you?

$100? $1,000? $10,000?

How many sales would you need to make to earn that?

Maybe your webinar product is the start of the customer relationship where they purchase many things from you over the years.

Now think about how many sales you would have to make to earn back your investment into 7 Figure Webinars.

How valuable would it be to grow your email list?

One of the most overlooked benefits of doing webinars is how fast you can grow your email list.

When you have a rocking webinar, you can invest money into paid traffic profitably -- meaning you can grow your email list for free.  With your email list you can continue to build a relationship and send valuable newsletters, blog posts, and other content to nurture followers into buyers.

I've seen students grow their email list by 80,000 subscribers using just webinars. What would 500 or 1,000 new subscribers be worth to you?

Is it worth it to you to impact more people with your message?

No matter whether I close sales on a webinar or not, I love the work that I do. Because I lead with giving and I know for certain that people leave my trainings in a better place than when they arrived.

I've had people who DIDN'T buy send me a message after my webinar thanking me. I've also had doors open to speaking engagements, huge publicity opportunities and more. But you never get to experience these things if you don't take a chance at putting yourself out there.

What is the peace of mind worth knowing you have a reliable sales channel?

Are you stressed about sales? Traffic is the lifeblood of every business. We need new people in the door to stay alive. It's what keeps most business owners up at night. I am not saying webinars are the magic pill that will solve all of your problems, but I can tell you that they have definitely resulted in less stress in my life.

They have allowed me to stop being so reactive and plan more into the future knowing I can estimate quite accurately what revenue will come in from my webinars. Knowing this I am able to build new products and experiment with new things that get me excited.

And you can too...
Enroll Now and Get Instant Access to 7 Figure Webinars
7 Figure Webinars is Just 4 Monthly Installments of $297 (Normally $422)
That means you instantly unlock the entire program and over $4,000 in bonuses with your first payment of $297 (then just three additional monthly installments)
 Instant Access to 7-Figure Webinars Course ($1,497 value)
Action Guides for Each Module ($199 value)
Advanced Traffic and Automation Trainings ($598 value)
Private Webinar Mastermind Community ($500 value)
Bonus: Perfect Webinar Slides Template ($2,000 value)
Bonus: High Converting Webinar Archives ($2,000 value)
Bonus: Lifetime GoToWebinar Discount (priceless)
Bonus: Webinar Conversion Calculator ($299 value)
A Total Value of $7,093
Frequently Asked Questions
Seems like everyone is doing webinars, is there room for me?
Let's compare webinars to live events. In the near future, will we run out of demand for live events? Likely not. We live in a digital world and webinars are live virtual events. As we become less and less connected, we crave it more and more. Ever notice how good it feels to get a handwritten letter in the mail these days? Webinars have that similar special touch. ;-)
What are all the costs associated with webinars?
The costs for webinars are your webinar platform and any lead generation tools you want to purchase to make your life easier. I use GoToWebinar for my webinars and LeadPages or ClickFunnels for my registration and replay pages. You can get by without having the lead generation pages and you can experiment with other webinar platforms. Do so at your own risk. If you are at a point where you cannot invest in these types of tools to make your life easier, then you may want to carefully consider this program. I do have a 30% lifetime discount for my members for using GoToWebinar, which is the most reliable and longest standing webinar platform. I love it.
Will this work for my niche? 
Honestly, I don't see a niche this can't work in. I've got a customer in a very strange niche. He runs a company that contracts equipment reliability servicing to manufacturing companies. He uses webinars as a  tool to educate and qualify leads before they speak to his sales team. If it can work for him, it is likely it will work in your niche.
Can I do this if I don't know exactly what my audience wants?  
Remember the story with Shannan? She kept failing with an audience-to-product mismatch. If you don't know what your audience wants, you will need to start by asking them and understanding them better (which I help you do in the course).

Everyone who joins this program is at a different place. Maybe you need to spend some time surveying them. Maybe test a few webinars to gauge their interest. You will have different obstacles to overcome than anyone else. Would you rather get started on that now or in months or years down the road?  Let's go...
What if I am in the idea phase of my business?
This is not for you. Enroll at your own expense.
How is this different then doing a video series or free eBook? 
I find webinars to be more effective. One, because I don't have to spend a ton of time creating a free ebook or video series. But let's say that you do. What comes next? A $10 product? A $50 product? Are you going to build and test a whole sales funnel?

Many people want to start with this low hanging fruit kind of product and take the funnel approach to bring people in at a low level product and get them spending more and more. This is a lot more work and time than just selling one product in an hour on a webinar.

Two, live webinars allow me to get feedback from my audience right away via the comments section (or if I bring audience members on video to interact with). This feedback is invaluable and allows the audience to get to know me on  a very personal level.
Can I do this if I am not an expert in anything? 
There are different levels of expertise in every industry. There is probably someone wishing they knew what you know. Knowing this, webinars create authority for you. Ever notice how you learn more the more you teach? Webinars force you to grow and keep learning as you always have a stage to be teaching from.

So if you are not an "expert" yet, keep learning and keep teaching so you can become one. I never labeled myself as an expert. It was when I started getting exposure from my webinars that people started referring to me as the expert because I was the one teaching in front of people on the webinars.

See how that works?
Will this work if I don't have a product? 
Not having a product that you are selling does not mean you don't have an audience or a clear message. If you don't have a product, you can use a webinar to launch your product.

In the program, there's a section about how to launch a boot camp. You can sell a live virtual boot camp where you do a group class over webinars (ex. one per week for 6 weeks). You set the start date two weeks out so you have enough time to promote. That way you test the concept of your product by seeing if people buy. I don't know a better way. Many students use this boot camp method successfully.
What if webinars become outdated, will this be worth my time? 
I honestly think webinars are one of the best uses of time if you want to grow personally and grow an online business. Webinars help you improve everything. Your presenting, storytelling, copywriting, speaking, and selling. Also, your online marketing as a whole improves. The work you put into your webinar can be the foundation to a sales page like this. You really get to take time to understand your audience with webinars and that helps your long game in building relationships with them and ascending them in your sales funnel (or future products you may offer). Everything you learn and apply will help you overall become a better online marketer.
Can you show me how to do it without coming off like a pushy salesperson? 
This is the beauty of online marketing. Selling online is as easy as following a formula versus having to convince people. You present the information in a way that gives them results in advance and have a offer that can solve their problem even further. I can help you take care of the rest.

Why? Because selling on webinars follows a formula of the elements that need to be in your presentation to close a sale. For example, take social proof. You want to include proof that what you offer has worked for others. This, along with the other elements of your presentation, will make it so you're just presenting and letting them make a decision. No shoving a product down their throat. If they don't buy, they usually will still leave satisfied and wanting to come back for more.
How much can I make with webinars? 
You are really in the drivers seat with your income with webinars. I've had a student recently make $60,000 from one webinar. This week two students emailed me that they had $43K and $17K webinars. I also see people make zero with their first webinar. The answer is that it depends on you, your drive and experience level. You can't look at what other people are doing and compare yourself and throw up your hands because you didn't make $10K on your first webinar. Everyone has a different path to get here. But if you work at it, I have found no better way to quickly amass a large engaged audience and sell to them.
If I don't have an email list or traffic, can I still do this?
Having an email list is not a requirement of this program. Like you saw in the examples of the first webinar results, many people start with tiny email lists. But if you have no list you can still succeed with webinars. Actually I can see this as an advantage.

Why? Because you won't be dependent and reliable on a list. In the program I have an advanced module on how to get leads from Facebook. Even if someone has an email list, you can only hit them so much with offers to attend your webinars. You need new leads coming in. So if you focus on becoming great at lead generation in general (through what I teach) you will do well with webinars.
There Has Never Been A Better Time Than Right Now...
Take a step back for a moment. Sometimes when there is so much going on around us, it is hard to see the progress we are making.

It's safe to assume that most of us remember a time before the internet...

Before Facebook.
Before YouTube.
Before webinars.

Now we have come so far that I can host a webinar to 1,000 people live from wherever I am traveling in the world right from my iPad.

I can't predict the future, but I can tell you that you and I are living in likely the most incredible time to create wealth.

You are on the forefront of a global economy, and we are going to keep progressing.

You can decide to get in the game or to sit this one out and wait for something else to come around.

But why not go in?

Why not advance your education so that you can serve more of your customers and reach them the way they want information?

When everyone is trying to automate, you come in and provide relief as a real person leading an online class giving your audience a place to learn, connect and ask questions.

The more we shift to this online world, the more people will crave and demand a way to maintain those human connections.

That is why I believe with webinars we have not even scratched the surface.

The technology will get better and all the noise will calm down and the ones standing on the forefront of webinars will have the tools to build a very successful online business.

Where will you be standing as this marketplace changes?

Now is the time to take action.

I hope you join me.

Your 7 Figure Webinar Coach,

Lewis Howes

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